Sony HX510 with Sky EPG



I have a Sony HX510 which I have just set up and seems to work a treat - first impressions of this machine are v. good.

I would like to be able to use the electronic programme guide in the sky digibox so that the programme name etc is displayed on the title list, and not just the time recorded and the length. At the moment I only have a sky box feeding into it connected via scart (I dont have an aerial). Is there any way to do this?
Many thanks for all your help



just to follow up on this thread; I have been trying to get the names of the programmes recorded to appear automatically in the Title List, so instead of getting the time stamped on the recording, it comes up with the title and I don’t have to keep editing title names. I concluded it just couldn’t be done and gave up trying.

The other day I timer recorded Peppa Pig on CH5, and the recording was automatically labelled as “Peppa Pig”. I have since repeated it with other programmes, but it only on channel 5? Is there something tagged onto the beginning of a CH5 Sky broadcast, but not other channels via Sky?.

Does anyone know how this works, or seen it with your setup?


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looks like, i own an el cheapo Panny ES10 and barely use it so have no clue how it works....have only ever occasionally done recording from my Sky+ box using the copy button on the box and the FR button on the Panny.....

i'm sure someone will pop in eventually with some help, fingers crossed for ya :thumbsup:

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