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I have been happily using the Sony HW55es for years. It is quiet, the image is great and you can game on it perfectly. Because I will be moving to a newly built house in Q4 2021 and because the time has come to explore the 4K world, I am deciding on a replacement. The throw in my next livingroom about 6.30 meters. I am investigating a good replacement. I would like to go to 4K and my budget is around $7000/6000euros for a screen and a projector. My living room has a white ceiling, grey wall but can be light controlled. Seating distance will be around 4,5/5 meters.

My wish list:
  • 4K (Preferably no pixel shift)
  • Suitable for casual gaming (Fifa 2021, platform games)
  • No batcave, so sufficient brightness
  • White color chassis (will be placed on a living room ceiling)
  • + - 120 "screen
  • Must be rated for +-6.3 m throw.

Because I am very satisfied with the Sony HW55ES, I first started looking at Sony models. The VPL-VW270ES is the first 4K capable projector in their 4k model line. (I am dutch and I know american models are named differently). This projector is in my budget. What worries me is the lumens in the specs. At 1500 lumens it's even less than the HW55ES which has 1700 lumens. I am afraid that with the throw and the 120 " there will not be enough brightness.
I am also considering the JVC NX5 and it is 1000 euros more expensive than the Sony, but I can wait for a good (Black Friday?) deal or stretch my budget a bit. It does have better blacks, but since my room is not optimally adapted for this, that advantage seems to be lost. It has 1800 lumens vs the 1500 lumens of the Sony. Would that make a big difference or is it still not enough?
Also looked at the Epson TW9400, but that is not native 4K. A lot cheaper and more lumens, but compared to the Sony and the JVC the motion is not very good. I guess I am a bit spoiled in that regard with my current projector.
I have been checking out some Optoma, JVC and Samsung DLP/Laser projectors as well. The lumens are higher on those models that would suit my room better, but I am not liking the 80ms+ input lag and the possible RBE effect. (I do not know if I am susceptable to this).

So my questions:

How many lumens do I need in my situation? Will the JVC be enough?
Are there other models brands/models that you can recommend and why?
I know screens are important, do I need a higher gain screen for my situation?
Perhaps there will be new models in 2021 that I can better wait for?
Thanks for taking the time to read!
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Hello dear. Have you bought your new device?
Im moved fron hw40 to vw270
I thought about epson tw9400, but i need real 4k , so thought about jvc n5. But its super heavy and big. Also for regular living room with white walls better device with less lumens, but greater contrast. I have 92” hcg screen, and with low lamp vw270 brighter and much better than hw40 on full lamp (800 hours lamp was on my hw40).
so I completely made right decision with my new vw270. Just a bit louder than hw40. Noise in low lamp like my old hw40 in high lamp

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