Sony HTSL7A and sky no 5.1


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Aug 26, 2002
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i have just bought a Sony HTSL7A surround system with DTS/5.1 etc i have connected it up to my sky digi box with phono to phono leads,yet when i watched star wars last night and saving private ryan i could only watch them in normal stereo.I thought my system would decode the films to full dolby surround.Is there a way to connect these up so that it will work?

Only the Sky + box can deliver DD 5.1; and this is only for certain movies on Sky widescreen i believe (i would stand correcting here), and it would be necessary to connect using a digital connection (i.e optical). The best you can get without this is pro logic.
Can you tell me what to expect from pro logic does this include any rear speaker sound because all i get is sound from the two front and the sub
Do you know what DSP setting the amp is on, is it Auto Format Decoding? If so, then this would explain why you are not getting any sounds from the centre or rear, as this will only output exactly the channels that are input, i.e. if input stereo, output stereo. Try other DSP settings, or check your manual to see if there is an explanation of what is output for each setting.
Just one more point, to get DD or DTS (from a DVD player for example) you must connect using a digital connection, either coax or optical, regular phono leads will not be sufficient.

Just out of interest how are you getting on with the HTSL7?

I couldn'tt find any reviews on it just before I purchased one, but I brought it anyway as the spec seemed pretty good and I needed something slime to fit into my unit.

Although, I do find the cd music quality poor. with this in mind I am thinking of upgrading my speakers.

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