Sony 'HTSF1300' Speakers - Brackets / Wall Mounting?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by MrKennedy, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Hi guys,

    I really need some advice regarding speaker placement and mounting.

    I have a Sony HT-SF1300, one everyone is pretty familiar with :thumbsup: (not the small speakers, the long tall ones)

    Currently, i have my speakers at around 57"in / 145cm apart on the end of each side of my TV unit (it's a 'TOBO' unit from Ikea and they stand up on the unit - [secret - sticky pads on the bottom to level them] :D genuis eh?!, lol)

    My back speakers are wider apart at the back of the room and each far side of my sofa.

    I am thinking i'm not getting the full 'surround-sound experience' so am debating weather to wall-mount them (landlord depending)
    ...either way, firstly;

    a) i dont have a clue how to mount them! (height?, width apart?, distance?) - please help

    b) What speaker brackets can be used for my particular speakers (fully directional is better i assume? do they exist for my speakers?)

    c) I have a radiator at the front of the room on the left hand side wall where the front left speaker would need to go (i cant have the speaker directly on the front wall because of the lounge door :mad:)
    is it a problem putting a speaker above a radiator? (this kind of ties into question a as of height and where it should go)

    Cheers for reading - i'd really appreciate any help on this matter , Thanks!
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