Sony Htis100 or KEF kit 510


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As above really. New to all this surround sound. WOndering what would work better with a PS3 Kuro 5090 and soon to be sky plus HD.

Loved the idea of the sony system but I hear the wireless function is actually a cost extra??

Saw the Kef system for £349 so thought they might be worth a gamble?

can;t find any reviews for the kef and all the sony product numbers are hugely confusing.

any help to pro/con the 2 above products would be warmly welcomed



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where have you seen the kef for that price,seems a great price.


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I would highly recomend KEF, the quality of speaks that they produce and simply outstanding, very crisp clear clairty sound.

The KIT510 comprises of a 'head unit' acts as a CD/1080p Upscaling DVD Player, meaning you can watch all of your exsting DVD's in high-definition resolution. The powered subwoofer KIT510 produces very strong and solid bass, The Front/Rear speakers designed Kef 1005 'eggs' which look rather tasty in gloss black are small and generally better suited for small rooms but the KIT 510 has great sound for that all in one surround sound experience.



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I got the KIT120 for an unbelievable £349 (Hughes Direct via Amazon) and the sound quality is superb and for a 2.1 delivers a performance completely out of proportion for its size.

If you can get the KIT510 for the same price it is a complete no brainer. Sony vs Kef? Hmmm


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KEF 510 now not available at currys for that price.
KEF 5.1 Deal like that wouldnt take long to be snapped up:oops:

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