Sony HTIS-100 speakers with 810?


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Considering buying one of these but need some advice.

My current system is Sony 46ex703 TV,Sony 370Bluray, Sony HTIS-100 Home Cinema plus a further 6 HDMI connected bits and bobs (Humax Freeview, Humax Freesat,Aston Simba French TNTSAT, Panasonic DVDR, Apple TV etc).

For normal TV however the sound is routed (digital optical) to a Onkyo Midi HIfi (2 channel stereo)for any of these inputs connected to a pair of Mordant Short Floor standing speakers. The sound is excellent but only 2 channel.

What I would like to do is connect the Mordant Shorts to a SONY STRDH810 to use as currently for normal TV sound etc from all inputs (i'm aware the 810 only has four HDMI inputs, but the TV has 4 and I can output them from the TV using the HDMI out leaving a further 3 for direct input into the 810)

or someting like that!!!

I would then like to utilise the 5 speakers from the HTIS-00 as surround speakers for a possible 7.1 system (2 Mordant Shorts plus 5 HTIS-100) I realise that the speaker set is not matched but I can put put up with that).

My question is (at last I hear you say) is, will the HTIS-100 speakers be suitable for the 810 (they're the very small 'golf ball' variety and very unobstrusive.

Thanks for reading thus far.

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Check the impedance of the speakers. As long as they are more than 4 ohms then you could use them with the 810. Also is the sub active or passive (you need an active sub with the 810).
The biggest issue I see is the centre which is going to be very mismatched to the front 2 MS speakers. This could give you a very unbalanced front soundstage. In fact it may be better to not use the centre and let the MS speakers create a 'phantom' centre instead. Since the centre speaker takes upto 60% of the total sound output it is important to get the centre speaker right and it is often better to have no centre at all than have a poor centre. Also MS speakers may not be a best match to the Sony reciever (both considered bright sounding) so make sure you demo first to ensure it sounds OK to you.


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Thanks for that, food for thought!
The point about the MS's being a possible mismatch is taken on board, my main criteria is to use what I've got so I accept that whatever I do won't be perfect.
Likewise reference leaving the centre speaker out, at the moment the MS/Onkyo setup, whilst not being a 'surround' system does give an excellent 'wrap around' effect when fed the right material.




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Hello again,

Yes the sub is active (yamaha) and I see that the IS100 speakers are rated at 10ohms so hopefully should be ok.

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