SONY HTDDW740 any good, just bought one with speakers.


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Got a SONY HTDDW740 from Currys, last one with all speakers for just under £300. Is this any good, im upgrading from my digitheatre which only has 6.5 watts per channel, the Sony is 450 total watts and has DTS, is this a good upgrade.

Im gonna go down the seperates route after Christmas about February.

It sounded good with the Contact DVD in store.



To be perfectly honest you should have waited! For £300 you could have got some of your wanted seperates already. Check out .£109 gets you a Pioneer VSXD510 with dd 5.1 & dts, or £119 gets you a Yamaha RXV396rds with the same specs. £99 gets you a Gale Moviestar 3 speaker package which will kick ass compared to your small cubes. Allow 10% extra for cables etc and you have a reasonable package which can be upgraded as time goes on.

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