SONY HTAS5.CEK vs Onkyo HTS3305 / AVX380


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Ive only just noticed this section on the website and thought my my post may get more answers in here.

Basically i have a sony s370 blue ray player coming and want a home cinema system to acompany it.

Onkyo have the HTS3305 and the AVX380 around the £300 mark

Sonys offering is the HTAS5, similar price to the Onkyo, this has the receiver built into the sub box.

Opinions please


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I'm fairly new to this and started in the same place with the 3305 and ended up spending £600 after getting some advice and a lot of reading.

If you're looking for an all in one, the Onkyo HT-S5305B is £280 at amazon, similar to the 3305 but has an active sub which makes upgrades of the receiver or the speakers easier later on.

For a little more cash, Richer sounds have the Onkyo 6305 package at £399 which comes with a better amp with auto setup etc and an Ipod dock which many find useful.

A receiver and active sub will give the most options

It really depends on budget, room size, usage, connectivity requiements etc but the sony package is quite inflexible.


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well i dont have a ipod as i have no use for one, maybe in the future i may get one for when i get another car if it has a dock in the car, then it would be handy.

Im only planning to spend £300 max tbh as its not gonna be used all the time, just every now and then for that little bit extra on certain movies and games. the room it will be in i supose is rougly 16 x 16 ft.

Im only plugging a blue ray player and a ps3 into it, obviously i cant comment on what i may need in the future but at the minute i wont have alot of connections into it.

I noticed the one at amazon and that it had the different sub, again how important this is to me i dont know as im hopeing i will have the system i buy for some time in the future.

i tried to get a demo of the avx-380 in comet, but the people that work there are bloody stupid, the first bloke didnt realise it needed a player hooked upto it, the second one couldnt get the speakers to work properly, when they finally plugged a i pod into the jack on the front it didnt sound great, probably down to it not being set up properly, they also said some bullcrap about it being just released and they have only had it a few days, haha god they will say anything to make a sale.

The Sony one caugh my eye as its more compact, though it does have the reciever in the sub, it seems like it has plenty of connections and features like the Onkyo.

I should really try to get some decent demos i think, if i can that is.

anyone else care to help out here


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I can only comment on the sony as thats the one i've got, but it is good, alot better than the 4 year old JVC system i replaced it with. the connectivity is very easy as its just one plug and its pretty damn powerful with great sound even at top levels. Whats more got it for a lot cheaper than what i'd seen at comet by going through PrudentPanda. Just need a new tv now to go with it as it makes the one i thought was good enough seem past it!!


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I did end up getting the Sony as i picked it up for £179, and im really happy with it, does evrything i want it to and the best thing is that it passes the signal through it on standby as i was under the impression that recievers had to be swithced on to get the pass thru.

also the bravia sync with my tv and blu-ray is great.

a great purchase and glad i went for it


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Hi there,

Where did you get your Sony system from?

Was it really under £200 and is it any good!

I can't really afford the magic £300 that everybody recommends for all of the best buys, but am struggling to find anything else.



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i purchased mine from amazon just before christmas, IMO i cant see you getting anything better for this sort of budget, im more then happy with it and very glad i got it


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Do you have a link for the amazon purchase? I can't find the Sony HT-AS5 on there - certainly not for less than £200...



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After 2 months research I have gone for Onkyo HTS3305b. As it's my first system I think i will be more than happy! I will be connecting it to my Panasonic HD TV, PS3, BT Vision and probably SkyHd in the future!

It cost £230 delivered from Pixmania
ONKYO HT-S3305B 3D-READY 5.1CH AV RECEIVER WITH SPEAKERS - BLACK review cheap prices HT-S3305B 3D-READY 5.1CH AV RECEIVER WITH SPEAKERS - BLACK ONKYO best buy discount online uk shop

I like the idea of connecting my iPod or iPhone to it at some point in the future.

Thanks to all for their help!

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