Question Sony HT-XT3 sync issue, constant minor audio lag/delay!


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Just got a HT-XT3, and there is a slight delay in audio (lip-sync). Not much, actuallty I might not have noticed in a long time it if I wasn't looking for flaws.

The lag seems constant, not drifting like the OP seems to have it.

I use optical toslink from my tv.I love the sound, but thisbugs me. The audio is delayed, even if I have of course set the in-built lips sync to 0ms. Adjusting it up makes it worse. I first noticed when running the tv speakers and the ht-xt3 at the same time, I heard this echo effect. I have had two other soundbases here for testing, and they have been totally in line with the inbuilt TV-speakers (both soundbases connected via optical)

When I run a youtube- test like this one: - the inbuilt TV speakers are totally on the spot, but there is a noticable delay with the HT-XT3.

I have updated the XT3 to the latest firmware. I use the toslink connection. It is the same with all sources (PS4, BlueRay and my digital cable TV-box)
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Got this unit back from service, at it sin't any better.

Running an analog y-split from my tv to both the HT-XT3 and som pc-speakers reveals that the HT-XT3 lags even with a pure analog connection (in addition to the digital ones)

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