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Sony HT-SS1200, set up

Jay D

Standard Member
Just got into this area when the old CRT packed up and decided to update the home equipment and found the information here useful in selecting replacements.

The Kit,
LCD TV Sony kdl-32d3000
DVD Player & HDR Sony RDR-HXD870
Home Cinema Sony HT-SS1200

knew little about it so decided to go with one manufacturer so everything is sync'd and compatable and I'm pleased with all the bits. Picture from TV very good, DVD very good, Home Cinema very good and they all have 1080P which appears to be important and the Home Cinema has HDMI inputs (clearly marked!) for Blu Ray and for Freesat to be plugged in later when these formats settle down, so looks like its set up for some future add ons.

However I don't know if I have it all set up though through the Home Cinema bit?

I have the DVD going into the Home Cinema and the Home Cinema going into the TV. All connections are HDMI. I didn't realise that HDMI does not transmit from the TV to the equipment attached only the otherway round, ie sends signals from connected equipment to the TV, hence puzzeled why I was getting nothing from the TV through Home Cinema when only the TV was on with just HDMI cables used. So connected other cables like Optical with a red light on the end into the video opt socket on the back (as there wasn't one that said TV) and AV cables, red one and a white one. I now get sound and vision through the TV when going through the Home Cinema. Which one achieved this I don't know, it works and left it.

What confused me was the manual and the box showing only HDMI connections and no "simple explanation if you just want to watch TV through Home Cinema do this", I mainly use for TV (freeview not sky) and recording playback.

Could anyone advise what my correct connections should be so I get the best performance from the kit.


Distinguished Member
If I remember rightly the DVD Rec can send multi-channel audio via HDMI as both bitstream and LPCM so set it to Auto and your 1200 can decode this signal sent in bitstream format (DD5.1/DTS). In the future when you get a bluray player, the 1200 can accept a multi-channel LPCM signal so you would use that providing the player can decode the audio and output it as LPCM and give you HD audio.

What are you selecting to get audio from the TV via the 1200? If you press 'TV' it will be analogue as that is what the TV connection is setup for as default from what I can tell. The optical connections are labelled 'Sat' and 'Video 1'. However, you can reassign them, see pages 55 and 57 of your 1200 manual. There will be little or no difference between using analogue or optical as both carry 2.0 channel stereo. I suppose the best thing to do is try both and see if you prefer one over the other. I would imagine that both the h/c and TV have similar DACS fitted.

There are lengthy threads on the Sony HT-SS/SF 1100/1200/1300 in the all-in-one forum, so I suggest you look there.

However, the best way to learn is to study the manual AND ask questions, you will gain a better understanding that way.

Jay D

Standard Member
thanks Dave for the speedy response. I'll have a look at that reassigning bit and either remove the opt cable or the AV cables as you say there is no difference in output.

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