Sony ht-sf1300 speaker wire repair/replacement - please help!


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Hi guys,I would be very greatful if anyone could help. I have the Sony Ht-sf1300 5.1 surround sound system and unfortunatly my cat bit through several parts of at least 2 or 3 or the wires for seperate speakers. I have tried to look on the net for an exact replacement for the wires with the unique sony connectors on the end but this appears to be an extremley rare find! If impossible. Does anyone know where i could buy them again? I am debating buying a soldering pen and fixing the wires but i think it would be a huge job as many of the wires have been nicked and marked and i think a new speaker wire would be much more appropriate. The other thing is i have never soldered anything! So have no idea how. My other concern is the subwoofer which is hardwired inside and also has a unique sony connector on the end has also been bit through and is alittle worse for wear. Any suggestions would be very greatful! Thankyou.


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Do the Sony connectors not have a screw that attaches them to the speaker wire? I'd be surprised if they were soldered/moulded on.


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Why do you need replacements? Just twist the severed ends back together and wrap with a bit of insulation tape??? You'd need the ears of the bionic man with built in spectrum analysers to notice any difference to the sound. ie. there won't be any? I've even spliced different gauge speaker cable together and never heard a difference.


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Splicing in speaker wire for the satelite speakers should be easy and no real issue. The proprietary umbilical from the all in one player to sub will be more difficult to replace. It could be rewired but would take a little time and dexterity. Think you need to get some trunking to put the cable into it to protect it from the cat. Lets hope it does not bite into a power cable otherwise it may not end so well for the cat.


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Thankyou guys. Im going to have agood look today and see what the best options are (i.e. connectors/reconnect wires) i will let you know how i get on.

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