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Hi all,

Just a quick question really, I will shortly be getting my Sony 40W3000 LCD, but want to get a surround sound system with it. So the HT-SF1100.

Things I would like to know are, is thie system HDMI 1.3? If so does this mean I could plug my PS3 into the amp then amp into the TV for sound etc? Will I need a digital optical cable? Would I lose quality in pictures if I did this?

If not what is the best way for the best sound to connect my PS3 to the surround system? Will this still be 5.1 sound? Do I lose any quality if I use an optical cable?

How will I get freeview through the surround sound system also?

Thanks very much

Mark P


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Pincho Paxton

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This amp does not pass sound through HDMI, so you will connect your PS3 to the HDMI in the amp, and also the Optical Cable inth the amp as well. then you will alter your PS3 to send sound through the Optical Cable in Sound Settings. You can also set DD 5.1, and DTS, and 88khz, but not 176khz. You do not get as good sound through this amp as one which can accept HDMI sound.

Set HDMI output in Display Settings.

There's a new sony upgrade which is to replace this one, it has HDMI sound.

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