Sony HT-SF1100 or Sony DDW890


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I am looking to buy my first surround sound system. From having a read around on these forums two choices have stood out to me.

The Sony HT-SF1100 and the Sony DDW890.

However as i am currently renting i do not have the option of wall mounting speakers and a lack of perfectly positioned shelves / cabinets around my front room means floor standing seems like the only viable option.

What is the better option, the HT-SF1100 or the DDW890 with some floor stands?

If the DDW890 then could you point me in the direction of some suitable floor stands which would work well with these?




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i asked a very similar question here;

with the advice i got i picked up a htddw780 (slighly less inputs than 890) and i am well pleased !! I would say go for the 890 as it will be slightly cheaper, will have more inputs and play more sound modes as well as being 6.1. I listened to both in the sony store and IMHO i think that the sub is better with the 780/890 system.

As for mounting the speakers (mine are the same as the 890s) i picked up a set of the 19.99 speaker stands from Argos and they work great. One thing i would prepare for is if your room is similar in size to mine (see thread) you will need more speaker cable as the supplied cables to my rears was too short.

either way you'll be happy. watched Casino Royale on Blu-ray (PS3) last night and it really tested the system. The scene in Venice with the building dropping into the sea was awesome on surround !!!:thumbsup:


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Thanks for the advice and not blazing me for not searching the forums properly.

Just out of interest why did you decide to go with the 780 over the 890?


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Just out of interest why did you decide to go with the 780 over the 890?

the only reason was that it was my first ever suround system and i was a little bit worried about getting it online incase there was a problem and it had to go back. I was probably being over cautious :rolleyes:. I went to my local sony centre in Lisburn, got a chance to play with the systems (HtSS1100 & Htds790, i don't think the better speced 880/890 series is available on the UK highstreet) and so i done a deal to take it home there and then.

But the best deals are definitely better online and the Pixmania deal for the htds890 seems the best if you want to got that way.


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wow im also in a same dillema between sf11000 and the sony ddw890 but which one is better sound quality?

i found the best thing was to pay a visit to the local Sony centre as they usually seem to have these two systems set up (a 790 instead of 890 but they seem very similar). Thats the thing about sound quality, you need to hear it !!!;)


Ok this is really annoying me now!! Iv spent way too long searching around! I dont like the look of the ddw890 but I likeits connections and sound options, I do like the look of the ss1100 but worried due to lack of sound options (and hsnt got as many connection options)
Will I notice a sound difference??
I want if for playing the ps3, blue ray films and sky HD as the current sound on my LG hd tv is aweful!
Please someone give me some advice! (give or take a few quid both are same price)


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The ddw890 has more power than the other 2.

It says 1000 watts but none of these are near that.

The ddw890 has a better power supply and the sub has its own AMP so it will go louder.

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