Sony HT-s40r seeking advice.

Hello all,

First, thanks for taking your time to read this and potentially reply to this.

The Hardware:
— TCL 65C715 (TV) : TCL TV Specs €625,-
— Sony HT-s40r (Soundbar) : Sony Soundbar Specs € 399,-

The problem:
— The Subwoofer sounds non-existent or weak through HDMI ARC and audio output PCM.
— Speech/voices come out of the rear speakers.

My research/reasoning:
— I thought since it said a total watt output of 600 watts, it would be more powerful? But I think I lack knowledge in this area even if I did a lot of research.
— I know that speech/voices should only come out of the middle front speaker.
— The reason I didn't buy an Atmos soundbar is because I read that you need speakers in the ceiling and rear speakers. So minimally a 9.1 set to create the Atmos effect, that's why I ended up choosing for a Dolby Digital set instead of saving up for a Dolby Atmos set.
— I live in an apartment, I want to feel the subwoofer but without being a bother for everyone around me.
— I couldn't justify buying a more expensive Audio setup since the TV cost only €625,- but I think in the end I might end up just buying one that is more expensive.

What I tested to try to fix the problem:
— I changed the audio output on my Android TCL TV to Passthrough or Auto, and it became worse, so I changed it back to PCM.
— Changed the subwoofer location from the center underneath the TV to the right or left side of the TV or corner of the living room, but the effect didn't become that much better. (Note: My living room and kitchen are joint, so the area is pretty spacious, and I sit 4 meters (13.12 ft) from the soundbar whether it's centered under the TV or to the left or right.)
— I changed the soundbar options themselves to Cinema when watching a film and tried different options as well for music etc. But the Soundbar/TV isn't able to create a better subwoofer effect or remove speech from rear speakers.

What does work:
— On Bluetooth the subwoofer sounds a lot harder and better for all the streaming services (Spotify, Netflix, Disney+, etc.)

The possible solutions:
— I googled a lot for research and read on AV forums, Reddit, and other audiophile opinions. But sometimes I think that is too advanced, and I am missing something. So I'd like more feedback on configuration and settings before thinking of returning the product.
— If I did try the most maybe a better recommendation or a stand alone Soundbar with DTS, then I can save up and buy a Sub Woofer and Rear Speakers later on?
— Or maybe just save up and go back to Home Cinema with an AV Receiver and somewhere to start with a setup like that?

I hope you guys can give me some feedback on this, it's very much appreciated!
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