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Sony HT-RT4 Sound Bar Remote Control replacement

Panayotis Melas

Established Member
Good day to all

I own the Sony Sound Bar system in title, which was purchased about two years ago from a local store, new, but out of its original package, because it was a demo item and the store had trashed the package (they were selling it at a large discount price).

As soon as I brought it home, I stored it somewhere, in order to install it and use it later on. My intention was to use it with my Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX6090H TV, but I soon discovered that I needed another TV stand instead of what I already have. FYI, I have the KRP-TS01 stand, but I should have the PDK-TS35A one, which raises the TV higher, allowing the user to install a large sound bar underneath.

Nevertheless, this is a problem that I have to solve myself (I am thinking to modify the existing stand brackets a little, to make them accepting the TV about 3-5 mm higher, in order to increase the space under the TV a little more- I don't need more than that). It will be a little hard to do it, of course, because the 60-in Kuro is quite heavy, but I feel that I will find the way.

Now, let's go back to the Sony sound bar. Due to the above "space" problem, I left the sound bar unused for about two years, hoping that some time I could find the time and courage to do the stand modification. Yesterday, I tried to set the sound bar near the TV and do my first trial with it. To my surprise, I discovered that the sound bar remote is misplaced and probably lost.

I have been trying to find its exact model type, but I can't. If anyone knows it, please, post it here. This information may allow me to find a replacement remote very quickly in the local market, without trying to buy it from abroad, via eBay or via AliExpress.

Consequently, by looking in these two above mentioned market network places, I have found some replacement remotes, but I am not sure that the remotes I found, can do the job.

For example, I found an OEM (probably Chinese made) remote, model RMT-AH200U (as they list it), but I am not sure if it really matches with my sound bar.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



There’s the original. That’s the official Sony spare parts supplier and the official price! It gives you the OEM model numbers etc though to search for a generic replacement if you don’t want to splash the cash :)
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