Sony HT P1000 (HT-SL5)


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Are the speakers included within the HT P1000 kit (which in turn are within the HT-SL5 kit) of a reasonable quality for movies

Please bear in mind the following points
1. I do not need/want the volume to be turned up so loud that internal organs rupture.

2. The whole kit (DVO-NS305 DVD and HT-SL5 Amp/Speakers) can be bought online from HiFiBitz for £345.99

Thanks in advance.


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Has no-one heard this system or do people just not like me?


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It's nothing personal - it is just tough to find these all-in-ones setup properly in a store to get a demo unfortunately:( As a set it looks well specced with all the latest formats and being Sony should be great build quality too. Good price as QED have it £399.

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