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I bought a new Sony XH95 last week from John Lewis whilst they had an offer on to get a free HT-G700.

The soundbar replaces my Yamaha YSP2500 which was great but had some dropout issues with the sub.

The reviews on the G700 are hit and miss and if it wasn't free, I'd have bought a better model. I'm struggling to get a consistent decent sound out of it though. We watched a movie at the weekend and the sound was quite good but we seemed to keep having to adjust the volume. I've heard that having DRC set to auto can cause this so I'll try changing that.

Can anyone who has one of these share their audio settings so I can try and improve the sound? I've also noticed that changing the sound profile on the XH95 does seem to make a difference to the soundbar (I think it's some sort of Bravia link?) so not sure what to set the TV to (currently cinema seems to be the best).


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Try setting
  • via G700 audio settings menu change effect sound mode to off (this disables dolby/dts surround processing)
  • set the sound mode to standard via G700 remote
  • limit your audio to stereo PCM via ARC (no dolby/DTS)

This makes into plain stereo but that's what might give the most reliable results, see how that fairs, if you need a boost try using the voice button on the remote.

Sending Dolby/DTS to the bar will get you that inconstant audio level, without an auto volume mode which some Sony's have (the G700 doesn't I think) you will have to tailor settings and constantly adjust.

You could also try setting the effect mode to DTS Virtual X and also use DTS dialogue control function in the G700 menu settings if you want to experiment.

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