Question Sony HT-G700 complete loss of sound with Dolby Digital


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TL;DR Toggling pause/play quickly with dolby digital audio input breaks the soundbar until a power cycle

Hi Everyone, I got a Sony HT-G700 at the weekend after my 10 year old amp died. I've now discovered an issue I can reproduce 100% of the time and I was wondering what your thoughts may be.

I have my TiVo (uk virgin media v6) plugged into the HDMI in of the soundbar, and the HDMI out of the soundbar to my TV. I have it set to play audio from the HDMI - ie it's playing direct from the TiVo, it's not getting audio back from the TV.

If I switch to a TV channel that's outputting "Dolby Audio - DD" (as it displays it on the soundbar) and I quickly press pause/play/pause/play a half dozen times, I lose all audio. Switching inputs on the soundbar between BT/TV/HDMI does not bring it back. If I unplug that HDMI and plug the TiVo directly into the TV I get sound on the TV, so the TiVo is still happily outputting sound. If I then plug the HDMI back into the soundbar again there is still no sound! Only a power cycle of the soundbar will bring the sound back. I've tried different HDMI cables. It's worth noting I never had this issue with my old av receiver and these cables and TiVo. I can't reproduce the issue if I have the TiVo direct to the TV. I'm certain it's this new soundbar that just seems to lock out the sound after some quick toggling of dolby digital input.

I updated the firmware of the soundbar the day I got it.

Should I return it and try a different soundbar? (assuming the shop will take it back)
Obviously I could try getting around this by not plugging the TiVo into the soundbar, but I found the audio delay from the TV to the soundbar slightly noticable (via optical and ARC), and I won't be happy long term thinking the soundbar is defective in this way.

Sorry for the long post. All thoughts greatly appreciated.


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I have exactly the same issue as this (as does this other user -

Did you manage to find a resolution in the end?

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