Sony HT-CT60 anyone?


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I am looking to buy this for bedroom as its a steal now at about £80 and looks alone better than the £300 ones. My Bravia tv sound in so poor. I had a demo off this soundbar and it sounds good for the moneys. Now, my plan was hook up with optical from TV as instore but Sony centre guy said that you can't use the Sony Bravia TV remote to operate the soundbar volume. So I left it... Now home, I am thinking what if i hook it up with analog cables, set volume to max on the sound bar and just turn tv volume up and down as normal. Would this in effect work? Would it turn on at the previous volume each time or reset back to a factory set volume level? If someone with this model or similar hooked up via analog instead of optical let me know the situation? I guess as its only a 2 channel soundbar anyway, I won't really lose out on anything I would normally get via optical. I bet the mix down & dac is better on my tv that the sound bar anyway. I have an external dac to try with also.

Any help/advice appreciated.



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I am using the HT-CT60 with a analog cable, the volume on my soundbar returns to factory default when I turn it off, the bass and treble appear to keep there settings. I found I could not get enough volume with the optical cable. I have the volume of my sony tv set to 80 and use the soundbar remote to control the volume, the sounbar remote can also be used with the telly for basic controls.

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