Sony HS60 and 720p

Jack the lad

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I setup my new Denon 4306 reciever last night which upscales video to 480i,720p, 1080i ect.

When selected to 480i or 1080i the picture is fine on my HS60, fills the screen as normal. However when selected to 720p Im losing about 4" all around, like its being framed.

Anyone else had this?

PS I seem to recall a similar thing on the HS20 when that first came out. This was fixed via a firmware upgrade. Surely Sony havent done it again :rolleyes:


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My S97 DVD player crops a few pixels @ 720P. But I've checked the HS60 with fullscreen test patterns with my HTPC connected with both a VGA and HDMI cable and [email protected]/60/72/75hz are displayed perfectly. I'd look to your source or possibly the receiver as the problem.
Cheers, Rob. :smashin:

Jack the lad

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Cheers Rob :smashin:

Sky+ is the source so thats not it. Should be picking up my HTPC today so will be able to do a more thorough check later.

My neighbour has a similar setup to me Denon 4306 and a HS50 (not 60) being fed Sky+ and he as no problems :rolleyes:

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