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Jun 15, 2003
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Hey all,

Whats the opinions of the above machine? Can I do better for the money or would you save a bit extra for something more? I'm talking of a budget upto £3000 maybe with another £1000 on top if saving...

What would you recommend?

Also not sure about DLPs cause of the rainbow issues...I know I may not be effected, but family and friends might and I tend to have a lot of people round when I watch films.
Seems to me that in the non-DLP stakes the top couple of contenders price-wise are the Sony HS20 and the Epson TW500 ... Liam waxed lyrical about the 500 just before Christmas and I believe they're about to hit the streets at roughly the same price as the HS20.

On paper the 500 in some repsects looks only average, less than the Z2 say on CR, but there's a lot of PJ there (Faroudja, lens shift 2x both height and width, etc.). I'm actually just about decided on going for one, based partly on Liam's comments and from someone else I've spoken to and also because I don't expect to see a DLP any time soon I can tolerate. :(
I had a simular budget but in the end went for the easy bet of the HS20. I've always really liked the tec behind DLP (a fan before the first PJ was released! ;) ) but I did notice rainbows and slower wheels made me feel ill. In saving a load of dosh I can now get an electric screen and not feel too bad if I feel the need to upgrade in a year. :)

I'm hoping for a 10x wheel HD3+ by then. ;)

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