sony hs20 - ghost?


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Generally well pleased with my setup. hs20, 8 foot wide 14:9 aspect electric screen, yammy a5 amp, denon 2200 dvd (via sony multiplug component section). occasional use of sky+ via svhs, (also utilizing the sony multiplug.) High spec shuttle cube PC and Radeon 8500 via seperate dvi connection. Now.....
Is it to be expeced that on high contrast images - especially small dark objects against large white/bright backgrounds that I can see a "halo" effect around the object -be it people, cars or whatever? Closeups of faces or other objects are stunningly good- it is only these things as above that niggle me. It happens with the DVD deck and somewhat more expectedly with the svhs sky+. Also on sky+ when I watch the footy, the grass appears a bit "blocky" - again, mainly when filmed from a distance. Am I just expecting too much from a reasonably priced sytem?? I have tried all the usual setup tweaks in the PJ menu, like turning sharpness right down and so-on. Thanks for any input. :)


You could try and look at the lens focus test pattern, have a look up close and see if the lines are completely white. Usually HS20s will have a convergence problem, shouldn't be more than one pixel though. If it's more then I would get it checked out with the dealer.


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I am getting the same with the Sony HS20. It looks like sharpness is turned up too high, but I am using it with the DVI input set to computer, so there is no sharpness???
Tried different cables --> no change.


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Hmmm...have you tried discussing this with your dealer Vielgrader? I havent yet as I bought all the gear from the internet, but may still contact them as discussed.


only had the hs20 a couple of days, but i have noticed some ghosting. mind you i am still using the factory settings,all bar increasing the brightness a little. and projecting on the wall @ the mo(eagerly awaiting arrival of fixed screen). perhaps this is something that could be ironed out(limited knowledge here im afraid).
apart from that.. in general i am very happy with everything thing else. but would still be nice to solve this problem,,,,,dont you think.
best wishes and regards
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