Sony HS20 / DVP-S725D (Non-Prog) Component Problem



Lucky enough to just purchase the HS20 from discount electrical and have been trying to get the (non-progressive) component outputs from my Sony S725D to send a signal to the HS20. (Configured for Component out and Video/S-Video in custom menu). I've RTM on the HS20 and in theory, the Film setting in the HS20 should perform 3:2 pulldown on non-progressive sources, but no success.

Has anyone got component to work from their DVD player to the HS20 when it doesn't have PAL/NTSC progressive?

The HS20 is very impressive and DiscountElectrical were great - cheers.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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last year I had two HS10s that were returned with the lamp light problem. Was using with a Sony 725 component out- outstanding PQ.

725 is non progressive-think the HS10 converted to Prog scan automatically. There might have been a menu setting- but would have been in normal user menu- I didn't have access to any service level menus.
Hope that helps.
I'm very tempted by the HS20 price-should look awesome with my recent Arcam DV27!



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Hi there
I've got my sony dvp dvd jukebox connected to my now rather overpriced hs20 ( £1973 ) boo hoo! It's connected via the sony pj multi lead to the component out on the dvd player,the video out signal on the dvd menu is set at component and it works fine got a great picture.Dont want to sound stupid but what the hell is 3:2 pulldown I'm new to this pj lark and i'm a little confused


Hi rkb & manksman

Good news - I decided to try again and I have managed to get the component out to work. Just a little patience.

Thanks for your replies, it convinced me I was doing something wrong.

Manksman - I almost bought the project a few weeks ago but decided to wait as i'm decorating the lounge.... Just got lucky. It's a great quality projector that's future proof.
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