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I hope some of you might be able to help before I take the plunge and buy a HS20. I have a couple of questions that I cant seem to find the information on.

I'm going to ceiling mount the projector and need to work out what size lmp mount to buy. I did read on projectorcentral that when projecting from a ceiling mount the top of the screen corresponds to the middle of the lens ? Does this sound right as I sure with say a AE100 the middle of the lens is about 6 inches from the top of the screen ?

Second question, what connections does the PJ Multi cable have on it ? I'm led to believe that it has S-Video, Composite and Component ? Are the connections at the end male or female ? Are the connections at the end close together such that say a DVD player and Playstation ahve to be rigth next to each if one was using component and the other s-video ?

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try the official sony website, then download instruction manual for hs20. all the information required to work this kind of thing out is in there.
the 10 meter multi addapter that comes supplied with the unit does indeed come with those connections you listed. each wire is 300mm long fom the point @which they are all bound., so you could say that its possible to have say a dvd player and an xbox that are 500-600mm away from each other.
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Thanks for the info, the PJ multi has male ends on it then ?

I did try and download the pdf but unfortunately its 14Mb and i'm on 56k :-(

Anyone got a anymore information about the lense placement ?

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Have a look at the projector FAQ on this forum, about setting up.

I measured the lens to be in line with the top edge of the screen viewing area (I think this is what LMP told me to do).

If the lens was pointing at the middle of the screen the PJ would hang too far down from the ceiling.

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