Sony HS20 cabling questions


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couple of quicks ones for you...

I'm want to connect my Dreamcast to the HS20.

I've bought a 10m VGA cable.

I also have a VGA-DVI adapter which worked fine with my Z2 but does not fit the HS20 (four too many extra pins around the flat pin). I believe I need a VGA - DVI-D adapter (I think). Is this correct and where can I buy one?

Also... I need a decent quality 10m component lead. I've seen that Nexnix do one for £30 ish and so do Keene. Anyone got any opinions on these or can suggest another on personal experience?

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The Z2 must have had a DVI-I connector, this can be used with both DVI and VGA. The HS20 only has DVI-D. To connect VGA you need a Sony cable that has the Sony PJ-Multi plug on one end and VGA on the other.


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Thx ailean :)

Is there no VGA - DVI-D adapters then ?

Or is this just Sony making sure you buy a Sony lead?

Has anyone got their PC's hooked up via VGA... how did you do it?



I've not seen one Doc, they are very differant standards and you'd need an active box with a digitiser to convert them.

You know Sony, they like to do there own thing. It is a HT PJ and not a Data PJ so I can let them off. PC DVI -> HS20 DVI does look good thou.

5m Audio/video connector cable -projector to computer 15 pin HD-sub

Bargin at £79 from :)

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