Sony HS20 a slightly weird picture???



Dont know if any of you pros can help.

I have not been able to use the RGB leads as my DVD player has the outputs but wont seem to configure for them?

Therefore I have been using the yellow video connection which still seems to give impressive picture.

trouble is I quite often get a faint dark shadow which is diagonal & comes from the top of the screen and fades out half way down. the shadow is on both sides of screen in same place each time. Is this anything to do with barn door effect which I have heard mentioned & dont have a clue what it is. If so how do I cure it?

Finally, might RGB connections cure it or make enough difference to warrent a new dvd player.

Thanks In advance.


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A little more detail, what dvd player and what RGB leads ??

By saying leads makes me think you are using component rather than RGB ???
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