Sony HS20 & 5yr Extended Warranty

Ekko Star

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Well, knowing it's predecessors reliability history I guess this would be a wise option on the HS20 as well.

Phoned up the Sony Extened Warranty scheme and got quoted an absolute steal on a fully comprehensive policy including accidental damage, new for old and ALL parts. 1 yr manufacture + 4yrs extended (underwritten by Domestic & General)

I think the quote will depend on your postcode and locality, so quotes might vary, but it is without doubt well worth it.

Ekko Star

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Call Sony Extended Warranty on 08702 411498 and quote them your details, it's an insurance policy through Dom & Gen, so will all depend on your individual circumstances what they offer you.

Also if you take it out within 3 months of purchasing a HS20 that's when you will get the rock bottom lowest price. Outside of that period and outside of 12 months and you are liable to get very seriously caned.

Alternatively look on to get an idea of a quote. My policy specifically covers everything on my HS20, complete peace of mind until 2009 and I did not pay anywhere near what the site indicated.

Anyone with a Sony PJ has simply got to do this as they are absolutely the worst manufacturer to deal with for an out of warranty item (trust me you don't wanna go there, they will take you to the cleaners !) Oh I suppose that's if your going to keep it for that long ! :rolleyes:
Show us the money :rotfl:

How much?

Im about to be buying one in the week :)

Ekko Star

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You guys make me laugh ! It's an insurance policy and like any insurance policy it may vary on your details. There has been threads on this with regard to the HS10 in the past and people did get quoted differing amounts, probably due to this fact. If it was a bona fide amount I would simply have stuck this in the Bargain Forum.

Pick up the phone, ring them and find out what they quote you !!!

If it makes you sleep any easier it has cost me £162.00 for 5yrs (1 yr manufactures + 4yrs additional) with immediate comprehensive accidental damage cover. Fully comprehensive Sony approved PJ warranty scheme that excludes precious little.


Hurray \o/ You told us.

That is a good price for a 5 year waranty. If only I could get that on my TX100. :(
Very good price :)

Cheers Echostar :beer:


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Hell I hope mine breaks after a few years so I've got an excuse for the missus when I buy a newer sleaker better model!

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