Sony HS10- SmartIII & CC40 required?


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I'm looking at an HS10 used for around £750 with SmartIII & CC40r filter for around £100 more.
I think the HS10 looks good already, any users out there think the SmartIII calibration wil make that much difference? Or best to spend the extra on a better (grey) screen?
Smart III is american- I have Avia already - but is the Smart mainly for NTSC sources or will it also improve PAL performance (most of my DVDs are PAL).

Or do I just go with the HS20 at £1498? :confused:

Peter Parker

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It will balance your RGB levels so that you will get a flat grey scale, but it doesn't see colour in the same way as the human eye does, so won't be as good as a colourimiter.

It's time consuming compared to Colorfacts, but is great value (especialy for just £100), and can take the guess work out of adjusting the grey scale. You can also do it by eye if you just look at the ire levels in avia - use the vertical grey bars and look to see if any particular grey has a colour tint to it.

The darker end of the scale is adjusted by using the GRB brightness levels, and the white end the RGB contrast levels. If there's too much red in the dark areas, you can reduce the Red brightness for instance. One end can effect the other, but after some trial and error, you might be able to get it looking pretty good after adding the CC filter.

It shouldn't matter too much with regards to PAL except when adjusting black and white levels (black level is different) - you'll need something like PAL Video Essentials for that, though if your DVD player has a below black or 0ire setting for NTSC, then that should make black level the same for both and Avuias needle pulse tests will set those for you.

Basically, if your colour balance is way out and you can't get it looking good to your eye, SMART can probably correct this for you.

I haven't seen either pj, so i don't know if the added expense is worth it - hopefully someone else will be able to help you there though.

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