Sony HS10...does anyone know these retailers...?



Hello everybody:)

I'm a member of but a newbie at this forum and I have a question. :)

I'm about to purchase the Sony HS10 or perhaps the Panny AE300 as the outsider so:

I haven't deceided where to buy it from. The prices in Denmark are too high so I'm looking in the direction of Pricejapan or these retailers: (Germany) HS10 = EUR 3509 approx. (UK) HS10= EUR 3370 approx.

Does anyone have experience with any of these dealers..??



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I have had bad service from Techtronics. I bought a DVD player(davs500) which was faulty and although I sent it back twice each time they kept it for over a month and it was still faulty and they charge for carriage. I tried to get an exchange but they would not agree. In the end I got my money back via credit card company. Now I am also thinking of the Sony hs10 and although it is a might be a good price at Techtronics I will not buy from Techtronics.
I am thinking of buying from but I don't know if that is any use for you in Denmark.


Hi Johnkay - thx for the input :)

I've heard other scary stuff about T.T. aswell so they're out. Unfortunatly Unbeatable dosen't ship internationally so my no. 1 is still Pj - they are cheaper and practice a "pixel-perfect" policy.....

Sofar I've only heard good stuff about them - can't wait...! :D


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