Sony HS10 - 200 hours use - Fair Price ?


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Wondering what people thoughts were as regards a fair price for a Sony HS10. Its had less than 200 hours use and is just under 12 months old.

Very well looked after. Installed by Gordon, convergent AV. My friend is looking to sell in the next few weeks. Having done some looking around he is going for a decent DLP setup.

May sell it on the forums or possibly ebay, not decided yet.

Note this is not a sale thread. I am just asking people thoughts as regards a fair price in the current market.


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I paid £1000 for a similar HS10 a few months ago

With the reputation the HS10 has in terms of poor reliability he may be worth taking out the sony extended warranty first then trying to sell for a similar amount or £900 without


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Hmmm. Robert Whyte are selling these graded for around £1000 shipped....But you could get anything demo refurb etc. This has hardly had any use, no dead pixels etc. Can be demoed if required in very condusive enviroment.

Im thinking £800 - £900 delivered for the forums maybe start it at £700 - £800 on ebay.

Thanks for the advice chaps. Jut out of interest how much is the extended warranty on these things ?


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£85. Not a bad price but probably not worth it for the extra value it will bring. Might make it easier to sell on here. But not on Ebay :devil:

Its got around a months warranty left. Maybe he should sell now. The projector is sweet, hardly had any use (190 hours in a year) And the room it is setup in is like a hospital.

Its stand not ceiling mounted and was professionally installed. This guy really looks after his stuff. I am pretty sure he has all the original packaging. For all intents and purposes its as new with the reassurance of no dead pixels and the offer of a demo in the proper enviroment.

I would take this over a recon from Robert Whytes anyday.


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Sorry off topic. Common whats the Samsung 935 via DVI like ? The DVI player I got from Germany is faulty and has to go back :mad:


Harris, i had the 935 with my Z2 and personally didnt like the image through dvi with some movies, just far to much grain in the picture in particularly pal material. With good transfers, mainly ntsc, though the image really was very good but again just and only just not enough to tempt me to sell my pio 757 so i sold the 935 instead as i just wanted the one dvd player.
For the money though i dont think that you can complain and if i had the 935 but no 757 i wouldnt replace it with the 757, if that makes sense.

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