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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Jules, Nov 17, 2001.

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    After much deliberation on whether to spend £4000+ on a VW11HT or £1699 for an HS-1 (with a free screen) I opted for the cheaper HS-1 knowing that I’ll probably want to upgrade anyway in the next couple of years.
    It arrived this morning, and here are my first impressions at home.

    The picture quality really is quite good, although mine has 3 dead pixels near the bottom of the screen. In all honesty, if I wasn’t looking hard for them, I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

    There’s a little noise in the picture, but then I’ve not seen any better on other LCD or DLP projectors costing twice its retail price.
    Colours are good, contrast is good, resolution is good, blacks aren’t too bad either. In fact I’m very impressed.

    At the price I paid, its one hell of a bargain, and you could almost by 3 of these for the cost of a VW11HT.
    My only real wish is that it had the true 16:9 capability of its bigger brother, but then I knew that when I ordered it. Pictures more than about 6ft wide start to noticeably reveal the line structure.

    Would I change my mind, now I’ve seen it at home ?....... No. I’m a chuffed owner!
    It’s pictures are good, it looks cute, it’s very portable, it’s flexible, fan noise ain’t too bad, and it’s available at a very good price !
    But, I’ll be saving hard for that ultimate projector that nobody makes yet!
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    yes it is a good projector but the blacks are really not that good take a look at the sanyo plv-30 the best black i have seen
    but the picture quality is crap on a sanyo-plv-30 to much screen door

    the picture on the sony is exellent but what put me off totaly
    is thta it was not able to mount it on the celling sorry sony you
    should have missed off the memory stick and opt for the mount
    because its very hard to place a table projector and leave it there perm

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