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Sony HQ+ Recording Mode: Quick Question

Paul MC007

Prominent Member
Hi there

I have a Sony HX510 Recorder and just wondered something about the HQ"+" recording mode.

I've tried this out on my machine and it does (to my eyes) look even better than the "HQ" mode. Now, I know obviously that it is *supposed* to, but to me, it looks much better - probably me just being picky.

Obviously, using this mode takes up alot more disc space. I was wondering the following:

If I recorded a programme which lasts one hour in "HQ+" mode this seems to take approx 6.9gb - standard HQ is usually about 4.2 (ish) gb... Now, If I wanted to archive a show recorded in HQ"+" mode, presumably I could archive this to disc at HQ setting ?


Say I recorded something which lasts half an hour at HQ+ mode. (ie about 3.3 gb)... Would this dub from the HDD to a disc at HQ+ quality or would it be just HQ? - I am presuming of course that the disc is a new, unused, plenty of space disc!

Just curious that's all.

Many thanks



Hi Paul

HQ+ mode is intended for HDD recording only, because its bitrate exceed DVD standards.

In other words: DVD standard allows bitrates up to approximately 9.5 Mbps. HQ mode uses 9.2 Mbps bitrate. HQ+ is a special mode which uses approximately 15 Mbps, so titles recorded in this mode are approx 1.5 times bigger than those recorded in HQ mode.

Unfortunetaly, even if you record short title (eg. 1/2 of hour) in HQ+ mode, you have to dub it using HQ or lower recording mode.

You are right - objectively, HQ+ should look (and looks) much better than HQ mode.

I use HQ+ mode for important recordings, which are intended to dub in real time to lower recording mode.

This method have two advantages:
1. Title cutting are clear, and frame accurate.
2. While dubbing from HQ+ or HQ mode to eg. SP mode in real time, recorder uses two-pass encoding method, which provides better propagation of bit information and preserves better quality in comparison with direct recording.

Disadvantage is only one: you have to use real time dubbing mode.

ArtS :clap:


Standard Member
I have a HX-710 : I have made comparisons with test patterns between HQ and HQ+ and I have not noticed any difference so , IMHO HQ+ is unuseless and only a commercial issue : see the new model HX717 which has no HQ+ mode.
For information my 710 is connected via component to an iscan HD via DVI to a 60" LG plasma.



Hi Victor

I'm not sure what kind of pattern you've used for your test, but I suppose, that they was statical TV test patterns. If so, quality differences between HQ+ and HQ would'n be visible.

You have to do your comparisons on good quality, very dynamic video material. American people say, that football games is the best source for this kind of test (fast moving scenes, people on the stadium etc.). In my opinion, good source is unprotected DVD disc with fast moving material (it is because you can use the same material to do comparison).

You've said, Sony 717 doesn't have HQ+. I Think, this is due to its budget class.

Because you have very good display, please, do some tests and report results.


Art S :cool:


Standard Member
Thank you Arts for your reply.

I will do tests as per your advise and will inform.
One more question : when HD material will be available from sat ( in Italy Sky on june ) will it be possible to record it on our Sony DVDR's or will it be necessary to use a decoder with PVR ?




Prominent Member

The Sony DVDR models only have SD compatible inputs i.e. RGB Scart, S-video or composite, so they will be unable to handle HD component or HDMI signals. Even so, you should still see a much higher quality picture due to the higher bitrates used to broadcast HD signals - possibly at 10 to 12 Mbps. Hope this helps.



Standard Member
Thanks Steve .

I take advantage of your forum to ask if somebody has upgraded the HD of his Sony 510 or 710 with an higher capacity one.
On the italian forum some people has reported successfully this upgrade on LG DVD recorder but not on Sony ones.

Thanks agaoin and regards


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