Sony home theatre system - ddwg800 - problem with speakers not working

wee jake

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I got this system for Christmas, set it all up and it was working fine although I didn't do an auto calibration at the time as I had to get longer speaker wire etc.

Now that everything's sorted and the speakers are on stands, I tried to do an auto calibration yesterday. First time it found all the speakers but came up with warnings about the distance of my speakers. I then moved them and tried it again and this time it wouldn't pick up the front right speaker. I changed the cable and tried again but it did the same thing. Then I tried swapping the 2 front speakers around and this time all speakers worked but it still came up with the warnings. I then went in and manually set my speaker distances and tried again and the same thing happened again. I've tried loads of speaker wire, different speakers and each time it's the same thing so I know there's nothing wrong with the wire or the speaker but I just can't get the amp to pick it up.

Does anyone know of anything else I can do or do you think it may be a problem with the amp. I also wondered if there was a factory reset button to wipe out all the settings and start again although I have pressed the 2CH button and held it in before switching on the amp.

Any ideas?


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