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I'm looking at replacing my pro-logic setup with a 5.1/DTS system. I've been looking at the Sony HT-SL7A Home Cinema Kit, but can't seem to find any user reviews.

Its looks pretty reasonable and the spec seems OK, but I'm fairly new to Home Cinema, so any advise, good or bad, would be much appreciated


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What's your budget and what are you looking to buy?


Give us a clue! ;)

if you are on a tight budget, and your viewing room is small. a all in one may seem the right step, but they are always quite low in power. the mission 6 pack is quite cheap, nowadays,its compact and you get a nice sub with it. 300 is probably the max you would pay even less if you shop around. richer sounds do a yamaha 620 for 200[ don,t be fobbed off, with there patter, about there brands ie sherwood , been better]


Well if you decide to go for a HTSL7a let me know as I have one for sale.

Very good it is too!


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I currently have my 32" W/S telly, Sky Digibox and chipped Sony DVP-S525D all SCARTed through a Toshiba V3 video, and use the NICAM outputs to plug into a Pro-Logic decoder.

What I'm hoping to do is continue those outputs into the HT-SL7A so I get the Pro-logic II from Sky(?) and then plumb the 5.1 outputs from the DVD into the 5.1 inputs of the HT-SL7A, to get the 5.1 from DVD. I could connect the DVD optically...don't know which would be better, hope someone might be able to tell me.

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