Sony home cinema system with Altzheimers


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Be aware, this is a general warning to all potential Sony home cinema buyers. Think twice before spending money on a Sony system.
My system BDV-N9200W is out of it's warranty (now just over 3 years old) so Sony is washing their hands with my very odd problem which I thought Sony would be very interested in solving. I'm also interested in find out how many more Sony owners have experienced a similar problems.
My system started, just over a year ago, to refuse to play blu-ray discs, DVD's it plays fine. At first I just thought it was a disc that was scratched/damaged in some way, but no. It is now refusing to play more and more blu-ray discs. Sometimes by re-starting the system it plays some of them others it just refuses to play at all. By the way all these discs do play on other blu-ray players with no problem what so ever. They are a mix of rental copies and non rental copies, all of which are original movies ie: not pirate copies. I have also re-set the system but the problem persists. My own thought is the blu-ray regional coding and/or copy protection that has somehow gone haywire in my Sony.
General thoughts and ideas welcome.

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Looks like it has HDMI inputs, buy a new Blu Ray player, they are very inexpensive now.


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There are 2 lens arrangement within the player, one for DVD (red) and another one used for Blu-ray (violet). If the player is failing to play one disc format but not others then this can be an indication that the associated lens has accumulated a build up of dust? The lenses associated with Blu-ray playback seem to be more sensitive and prone to such issues than those associated with DVD playback. You may be able to clean the lense, but in some instances the build up can cause the laser unit itself to overheat and cause permanent damage to the lens.


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Thank you for your input and your thoughts, it's more than Sony did. What I find strange is that it still plays Blu-rays although not all I have. I think I'll start with a lens cleaner. Can anyone recommend a good one? If that fails, it will have to be a new Blu-ray player and guess what, it will not be a Sony.


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I've seen the Maxell MaxLink Blu-ray Lens Cleaner mentioned on some sites. I'd tend to avoid the cleaners marketed as being for use with CD and or DVD players or the discs that include brushes on them because the lenses associated with Blu-ray are more sensitive than those associated with CD or DVD and pysical abrasion can cause damage to the Blu-ray lenses.
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