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I am looking to buy this but my knowledge of 3D is zero. At present i do not own a 3D TV or 3D bluray player. I know you can switch of 3d in LCD but my question is I would like to film for now in 3D but watch on TV/Bluray in 2D I own Vegas 10 Pro and Vegas 10 HD Suite, would any of these software be able to do what i want. I could also via Edius and HDStorm capture via HDMI if the HDMI output was 2D but possibly not.
Any ideas would be appreciated

Obviously 3D TV and player will follow next year


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3D is recorded by squashing two 960 x 1080 frames onto a single 1920 x 1080 image. The TV creates two images from the two frames by removing the 50% horizontal squashing. The way this is done depends on whether the TV has active or passive glasses. If you view on a standard display this is what you will see.

To create a standard movie the editor will need to split the single frame into two halves and resize each one. I wouldn't expect brilliant quality even if it has the capability


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John Lewis

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Had a suggestion from the Edius forum, Pages 34-36 of manual suggests when connecting camera using component cable to TV it will show as 2D, therefore i could capture via HDStorm component input as a normal 2D signal, this would allow me to keep original files till i get a 3D TV

Anyone got one of these Cams and any views/criticism

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