Sony HDR-HC7 LCD is causing camera to crash


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I've recently re-visited out old camcorder (a Sony Handycam HDR-HC7, HDV/miniDV). We'd had an issue with the rolling screen for a while, so I ordered a replacement ribbon cable. However in the week before this arrived, another fault starting occurring, where upon opening the LCD panel, the screen would light up briefly, and the camera turn itself off. It would then repeatedly try and turn itself on again, without success unless the screen was closed.

I assumed that in replacing the ribbon cable (FP-659) it would sort itself out, but it hasn't. Ive done a bit of investigation, and found with the LCD cable disconnected (CN6205), the camera turns on and the touch screen functions. If I connect the display cable with the screen door already open, the picture appears and the camera functions as normal, but upon opening/closing the door or rebooting the camera, it starts crashing again. This to me implies its something to do with when the power to the board is initially turned on.

I've tried a new screen but it seems the one I ordered doesn't work at all, so not sure whether or not thats the issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have looked for a replacement LCD driver board (PD-325). but cant find any, and there don't appear to be many cheap spares/repairs models about to strip for parts. Yes I could always buy a new one, but that seems a bit defeatist for what is otherwise quite a good functioning camera!


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