Sony HDR-HC3 M2T File Conversion Help Needed


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Several years ago, I had a Sony HDR-HC3 camcorder. Some time back, I moved the files from the MiniDV tapes to HDD (I no longer have the camcorder). All of the files have the extension "M2T". Now, I'd like to cut these large files up into individual "events" and convert them to modern formats that my new televisions can recognize e.g. AVI or MPEG4. I'm having a tough time finding conversion programs that will convert them cleanly, and I don't know what format to save them to for use in editing software e.g. Avid Studio. Help?


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They sound like HD mpeg2 compressed files. I would have thought most editors would be OK.

If you can upload a clip to a file share site I can try out a few I have access to.

Conversion to .mts mpeg4 format ought to be pretty straightforward.
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