Sony HDR-CX6 advice on burning and ps3...


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Hi I have the Sony CX6, very pleased with it. However I wonder if somebody can answer a couple of questions:

I want to burn a movie onto a disc via my PC and then play through my ps3. (I know I can just plug the memory stick in but want to archive films on discs),
I take it that this would not be HD when played through my ps3, if I purchased a Blu-Ray Disc burner and then played it through my ps3 would this then show my films in HD?

Also when I COPY my Video over to the ps3 from memory stick, it doesnt store it as 1 film/video but disects it into the individual video clips. So to watch the whole film you have to watch each individual clip. Is there a way of copying it as 1 file??

Apologies if I've not worded it very well, but any help greatly appreciated..



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The PC3 can play AVCHD on ordinary discs (not blu-ray) in HD. The AVCHD-DVD camcorders use ordinary discs and these play on the PS3 (or blu-ray player).

As to how to do it, hopefully someone who has done it can comment; I don't have an AVCHD camcorder. I think you probably just want to copy the clips on as data files. The result will be HD, not SD.

Each clip is a separate file, so there is no way to copy as one clip.


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Motion Browser that comes with the Camcorders does some sort of "editing" without changing the format from AVCHD
Im not sure if you can join with that
You can ( in addition to burning to disc) copy AVCHD to PS3s HDD and watch it off that

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