Sony Hdd upgrade advice.


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I've a sony RDR freeview DVD recorder which has a 160gb hdd. I believe I could swap the drive but need the - J-6090-203-A service remote. Can anyone tell me are this remotes functions available to download for my Harmony, or must I get this remote. Does anyone have this remote I could 'rent' ?


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read the sticky post on hard drives above , and I posted links to the relevant threads you need on upgrading the x70 and x90 models

I use a harmony myself . the 628 , using the pioneer file I downloaded into it as per the thread instructions


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I'd been a bit lazy TBH, having glanced an the aforementioned thread, realised mine could be done, didn't go through it nor all the links. (Still haven't its rather long & convalute) Never-the-less I shall do so now I know I can get the code for my Harmony, when I've got a HDD & can do the job. I'm sacking Sky, so need to re-jig the remote soon & anticipate the Sony'll get more use then. So 160 gb isn't going to be enough. Thanks again.
As above really its all in that thread and one or two relevant links contained within it.

I only became interested in upgrading my 160Gb HDD after also getting rid of Sky+HD.

If you have a suitable x70 Recorder read the PDF file link - post 6 (link below), for full details of fitting and using the Harmony/Pioneer remote.

and the Logitech Harmony file for the Pioneer Service remote is mentioned here (Post 14):

I have no desire to detract from the effort of the original posters but it took me longer to read,find & digest the relevant info, than actually upgrade the HDD.

Took me about 20 minutes, working slowly and carefully but my 870 has been fine since with a 7200rpm SATA 500Gb HDD (1Tb is max upgrade possible).

Hope it works out for you and its a painless and problem free upgrade as mine was.
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Super, as I said, I only glanced at the thread & after ramjet's advice I looked a bit closer. TBH I wasn't looking forward trawling through it, reading it all to find all the relavent bits. When I get a drive hopefully I now don't need to!

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