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hi lost one of my hard drives which contained my sonicstage files is there anyway of getting files from my hd3 got a lot of old tracks of mine. cheers:lease:


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tried this with my nwa3000,i thought i could use the mp3 player as a "store" for tracks which were subsequently erased from my hard drive.the tracks could not be transferred back into the computer,had to re record them back in using the headphone socket.


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long story short without a lot of time and effort pretty much a no.

try going to google and typing atrac>mp3 converter.

A quick google brought something like this up-

That software would do the job, there are a few, but it takes a very long time to convert, it won't keep song names when converted, while they would be put back on the computer it would not give them names, they'd be 0001.mp3 etc. I tried it a while back with my hd1 and just got bored so started mp3ing from scratch, bought an ipod later that week :D. You just select all the atrac files on the hd3, through the software, they should be listed just as files, you wont be able to find out what they all are until you listen to them, they have numbers for names, so yeh if you;ve got the time, convert them and then rename them all. Naming software wont work, been there and it was a lot of wasted time. sonicstage will still let you use the hd3 and copy more to the player, while the player is plugged in you can play music off it through the pc, just as usual, but off the player. It just wont let you copy the files back to the pc.

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