sony hd3 what the bleeping hell does this mean?



I was cycling along today when with my player swiched on, playing and hold button on, when all of a sudden it made long beep (the same as when you stop the player with remote) followed by about 5 or 6 shorter beeps! by the time i had stoped to look at the player the unit had switch its self off leaving no error message! when i started the unit again the battery was as full as it should have been and the unit carry on from the place it had been interupted at!

Does any body know what this sequance of beeps means? :confused:
has any one else had the happen to them?
is it the anti shock playing up?

dogslikeyou :beer:


I have had something similar a few times. I think I have narrowed it down to anti-shock as well - it seems to happen most when the unit ends up upside down or on its face (occasionally in my car). Keeping it upright seems to have stopped this happening for me.

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