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Sony HD3 or ...

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by Neo X, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Neo X

    Neo X

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    I'm thinking on buying a MP3 player and basically I'm completelly out of the picture. I'm a Homecinema addicted and have invested quite a lot into my hoome system so a give great importance to sound quality rather than looks, storage capacity or size/weight of the player.

    The Sony HD3 seems to be a interesting option but, based on my audio priorities, can I have some help if this is my best option.

    Does anyone recomend buy better hadsets?

  2. Steven

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    Feb 1, 2005
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    The Sony HD3 is very good SQ wise especially with music encoded at Atrac 256 kbps (Sony preferred format). It also supports MP3, and while MP3 320 kbps isn't too bad on the HD3, I found Atrac to have slightly more clarity and warmth. Also with Atrac you get gapless playback, not with MP3 though.

    Have to be honest though: beware of background hissing. But out of 800 songs no more than 8 have a hiss for me. The hiss is very small though and is easily drowned out when you turn up the volume. However it is noticeable during quiet periods in songs.

    I take it you'll be using a 2 RCA - 3.5mm cable to connect any player to your hi-fi? In that case you won't worry about the "low" volume of the HD3. This is just EU imposed volume restricions. There is a simple fix on this forum though. However I found the SQ went down just a little bit when I turned off the volume restricion but nothing to really complain about.

    If you do get the HD3 (they are getting cheap as well - HD5 is out but that might have cracking buttons, see thread on this forum on it) buy a wriststrap and a case for your HD3. Try Noreve (google for t) who make nice leather cases. A normal mobile phone wriststrap will do. Why? The HD3 is amazingly small but the metal case does get slippery when held with sweaty hands + its small size means you might drop it.

    Have you looked at the iAudio X5? Its been getting good reviews and heralded as an iPod contender with excellent SQ. :)

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