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    Hi, I'm looking for a new head unit and as I already have a Sony unit I though it would be easier to stick with the same brand from a wiring pinot of view.

    I also have a Sony HD1 Network Walkman (20GB HDD) and have noticed that some the the current Sony head units have "Walkman Control". I have discovered that these head units require the same Connects2 ASNNWHD001 adapter as any other Sony head unit with Aux/ CD Changer inputs.

    So does anyone know what the point of/ any advantages offered by "Walkman Control"? Is it purely the fact that you can have a CD changer and a network walkman connected to the head unit or does it offer improved navigation the the network walkman?

    :lease: someone help
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    I've just set up in my car a sony CDX-R6550, and have a linked a sony NW-HD5 using the connects 2 adaptor you mention, i dont think you can have both an CD changer and a HDD player connected at once as the connects adaptor feeds into the CD changer port on the head unit and there is no additional port on the adaptor. the adaptor does however allow you to skip through playlists/ablums, as well as tracks from the head unit. I've got mine in the glove box and dont touch it once its plugged in.

    If you've got steering wheel or stalk controls in your car getting the adaptor lead for these from connects 2 will also allow you control the HDD player through the head unit as well very handy if your doing loads of driving

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