Sony HC39 and HC42 differences


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Thinking about changing my camcorder for a 'true widescreen' recording model. These two Sonys appear to have this facility, however I'm curious as to what 'extras' the HC42 has.

Looking on the Sony website, I can only see a difference with DV-IN facility and analogue inputs (presumably to digitise old analogue sources?)

Are those the only differences? Could the DV-IN be 'enabled' on the HC39?



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I have a HC42 and concluded that the only differences are the DV-IN and analogue inputs. Everything else is the same. I couldn't find any details on enabling the DV-IN on the HC39 prior to me buying the HC42.

The widescreen recording is great on a large screen display and does make a difference as you don't have to stretch the picture.

Picture quality is good but there isn't much difference in 4:3 mode between by 3 year old Panasonic DS28 and the HC42. However it was a good upgrade purely for the true widescreen recording and smaller size.

Low level light recording is not exactly brilliant but is better than some of the 3CCD camcorders around the £400 - £700 mark.


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Thanks for that laser :thumbsup:

I think I'll save a few quid and go for the HC39.

Have you tried any PC editing software with the true 16:9 footage?


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I've used Pinnacle Studio 9 with latest patch and Pinnacle Liquid 6.10.

Both software apps work well and produce great looking 16:9 DVD's.

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