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    Just received my first digital camcorder yesterday. Via USB I've taken off video from the camera onto PC and then onto DVD. The quality is terrible in my opinion. Its fine if the camcorder is connected directly to PC via AV then the quality is pretty ok.
    However the reason for buying the digital camcorder was to burn quality DVDs.

    I have an nVidia 5200 graphics card which only has a DV input connector and not firewire.

    1) Is the bad quality down to using the USB link ?
    2) Can I get an iLink/Fireware connector to connect to the DV input on the card ? Have looked but can't find one
    3) Should I buy a firewire card and link via ilink

    Sorry for all the questions, but I'm green when it comes to this.

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    Hi mtracey and welcome to the forum :hiya:

    OK, this is becoming a very common post as the camcorder manuals seem to explain somewhere around zero about getting digital footage onto a PC. Now this is madness as the whole point of digital video is so you can edit it on a PC IMO! Oh well, until they catch up at least we have forums such as this to fill in the gaps :rolleyes:

    1) Yes, USB is not good enough for full quality video capture. The interface is just too slow. Even the better USB2 is not up to the job.

    2) Even more confusion from the makers of these cams. DV is firewire is iLink is ieee1394. They are all exactly the same thing. Be aware though that a DV port on sound cards in the past has been known to cause problems with video capture as they are not fully complient, so yours could be the same.

    3) Well at around £10 for the card from many online retailers I think it is the best way to go. The card is normally supplied with the required cable to connect the cam to the card.

    Welcome to the fun, but very confusing world of computer video editing. I'm sure the above has helped a little, but will probably have made you think of even more questions to ask. Do a search of this forum and I'm sure you will find an answer to most of them, but if not then feel free to ask and we will do our best to answer them.

    Good luck,

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