Sony HandyCam - How do I arrange the .VOB files? Help!


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Hey :)

I have a problem regarding the Sony HandyCam 202E.

When I am finished recording my stuff and it's all finalised and I open it up on the pc, there are x amount of .VOB files. Sometimes there's 3 and one is about 10 minutes and the rest 1 minute, and othertimes theres 2 and one is 18 minutes and one 1 minute.

Why is this?

I really want to have seperate .VOB files for each scene I record so that it's easy to put onto YouTube but I have no idea on how to create them.

Why do the .VOB files save like that?

Thank you in advance :)


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Is this a DVD camcorder?
If it is you may find that your best bet is to import th DVD into a video editng program and create the scene files
With HDD/ Card models, they are usually separate mpeg clip per scene. With tape ou can capture the scences as separate clips.
VOB creation is down to the software( in this case firmware) and conforms to DVD video standards not created by scenes


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Hi, thanks for the fast reply :)

It's a mini-DVD CamCorder, with those little 8mm discs,

I haven't got any video editing software, only Windows Movie Maker and that is the worst thing I have ever come across in my life lol,

I'm weary of downloading free ones online, and the ones that I do never work :(

so is there no way that I can make more .VOB files? The discs I use last for 19 minutes, and I wouldn't mind having 4 .VOB files so at least they're under 10 minutes each.


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You dont really have much control over the creation of the VOB files
Even in commercial DVDs the files play seamlessly from scent to scen no matter which vob contains what
Im not sure if trial versions of SVMP will work but I have an older version I could let you have otherwise try the trial versions

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