Sony GX300 - buzzing and whistling


Majid Khan

Hi guys, i've had my Sony GX300 for about a year now and I have to say it has been superb both as a DVD recorder and player , have only recently set it up with component and the picture is magnificent.

However, my only issue with it has been the awful buzzing, whistling and kettle-like noises it makes from time to time.. - generally its quiety, but every now and then out of nowhere it either makes a tractor like buzzing noise, or a kettle like whistling noise.. and its driving me nuts.

Used to have it placed inside a glass door cabinet and so the noise was barely noticeable, but now with my new Panasonic plasma, i have it placed out in the open.. and its becoming a pain.

I'm wondering if anyone else with a GX300 has had similar problems and if they've found any solution for it, should I get this the Power supply unit replaced perhaps ?

Or alterntively, i might get rid of this GX300 altogether (probably take it upstairs or maybe just chuck it in the skip :) ) and get a Panasonic DIGA dvd recorder -- are these known to be silent ?

I'm really losing faith in Sony, and having just purchsed my new Panasonic plasma.. i really feel Panny are the premier consumer electronics brand out there right now.. there's something about their products that just oozes 'class'..
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