Sony GX-300 : here comes the bug

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    I bought a Sony GX-300 DVD recorder aroung XMas and was more than happy with it... until, a few days ago, it displayed the following error message while writing a just recorded DVD-RW before ejecting it :

    C:1300 - Dirty Disk

    First, I thought the disk might have a problem. I tried another disk : same problem. I even tried two totally new disks of two different brands : same error message. And I discovered too that the GX-300 couldnt format any blank disk anymore...

    Obviously, the problem isnt related to the disks, but to the GX-300 itself.

    When I try formatting or recording any disk, I clearly hear it "trying" to do so (mechanical noises), without success. The same noice as a CD-ROM drive unable to read a disk...

    Anyone have the same problem?

    I see no choice than getting it back to service... !

    Note : I've been extremely cautious both with DVDs handling and the GX-300 : no streaks, shocks or bumps or any kind...

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