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Much to my amazement I was able to purchase a spanking new Sony GV-D200E PAL video walkman last month via Amazon UK, it arrived very promptly dispatched from a German affiliate. I plugged it in and it worked fine so naturally I was absolutely delighted to find such a dated player new, not refurbished. In a moment of madness I decided to see if I could transfer footage to an old Archos AV500 PVR that I have, connected both units using the cables provided turned on the mains power to both units (Archos first) but the Sony unit would not power up. Obviously checked all the connections but no mains power. (Noted that reset button on back of Sony unit is inoperable without power although have tried).

Decided to order a cheap replacement mains adaptor to avoid sending Sony unit back, again promptly arrived but still no mains power. According to regional authorised Sony Service Centre spares for this model are not available due to age. Have I stupidly blown a circuit board or something, or should the unit have been robust enough to connect to the Archos? If I send it back to Amazon they may refund me (if I am lucky), but personally I'd rather have the unit repaired and working. Can anybody more technically able than I advise what they would do in the circumstances?

I did think of buying a battery and trying that option to see if I can breath some life into the machine, but was unit was not supplied with battery charger, assume again would only charge if attached to unit whilst mains powered. (Oh and cant eject the tape inside for the same reason - no mains power)!

If you have being kind enough to read all of this I do thank you for your attention, if somebody can give me some feedback I would be extremely grateful.

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